Social Media Full Service Advertising

FTC Publications, Inc. offers Full Service Social Media advertising.  Currently, Twitter Promoted Accounts and Twitter Promoted Tweets are being offered as a full service offering.  The campaigns offer the convenience of a full time Dedicated Public Relations & Advertising Specialist who will work with you to develop your campaign and start it as early as the same day.  There are no monthly minimum costs associated with this service and you will not have to use any self service tools.  Your entire campaign will be managed by your dedicated Public Relations & Advertising Specialist.  This program is primarily designed for Businesses, Musicians and Performing Artists, Actors, Models, and Public Figures.

Twitter Timelines

Key Features of Our Full Service Advertising Platform

  • Promote your Twitter account using Promoted Accounts, Promote Selected Tweets on your Timeline or have Twitter automatically select your most Engaging Tweets
  • No minimum monthly cost or monthly fees.
  • Full Service – You work with a Dedicated Public Relations & Advertising Specialist
  • Program is completely customized to your needs to target Gender, Geographic Locations, Interests, Followers of Certain Accounts, and Trends
  • Results, analytics, reports, and your campaign are reviewed with you by our Specialist

Key Benefits of Our Full Service Advertising Platform

  • The benefit of the Full Service Twitter Advertising Platform without a minimum commitment
  • 100% Hands Off and Full Service – You don’t need to do anything extra – Your Dedicated Public Relations & Advertising Specialist designs and enters the Campaign
  •  Your Insertion Order is placed with Twitter in most cases the same day or within 24 hours

To start working with us and get started with your Full Service Campaign, you may contact us now.